Padman: Another mind changer

Many people in India feel shy even to take the name of PAD, as they feel its something not to talk in public.The way medical stores are giving sanitary pads to the customer (bundled in newspaper) is due to our thinking which have been developed throughout this years.As if they’re giving some illegal stuff. This was yet another mind changer by Akshay Kumar after its … Continue reading Padman: Another mind changer

The Best of January: Have you watched them?

Didn’t get the time to snuggle up and watch that hot new movie in town? Or had you never even heard of it until your friends brought it up at lunch? Or maybe you’re just like us, wanting to watch the best over and over again. We bring to you the top-rated movies of the month of January, so that you can catch up with … Continue reading The Best of January: Have you watched them?