Unsane|Review|Shot On iphone

Despite the fact that it might unjustifiably (and reductively) be depicted as “that motion picture Steven Soderbergh shot on an iPhone,” “Unsane” is a nerve-wracking, amazingly auspicious film about the undesirable consideration ladies get from men, and the regularly offensive outcomes of endeavoring to talk up about it. Soderbergh, working quick and forceful however flawlessly in charge, enlists “The Crown” star Claire Foy for a … Continue reading Unsane|Review|Shot On iphone

Ready Player One| Review

Ready Player One, for individuals who’ve sidestepped the existential fit of anxiety it’s caused all through film and geek Twitter, recounts the tale of individuals who get away from a pseudo-tragic, not really removed future Earth through a virtual reality universe in which the sky is the limit. In the book, the space, called Oasis, is ruled by geek culture touchstones from writer Ernie Cline’s … Continue reading Ready Player One| Review

Go-to Websites

People are always on a hunt for a good website to watch movies online. it is a major task finding one that suits your desires. Here is a list of possible sites that may be of preference to different people. Netflix Netflix, is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. It specializes in … Continue reading Go-to Websites

The Best of January: Have you watched them?

Didn’t get the time to snuggle up and watch that hot new movie in town? Or had you never even heard of it until your friends brought it up at lunch? Or maybe you’re just like us, wanting to watch the best over and over again. We bring to you the top-rated movies of the month of January, so that you can catch up with … Continue reading The Best of January: Have you watched them?

10 Must Watch Movies of 2018

The new year is always full of endless possibilities. Plans. Dreams. Goals. Resolutions. After the celebrations, most of us follow the typical route: 1. Set your goals 2. Follow it for a week 3. Swear to get back to it But some goals are easier to follow than others and if you’re a movie buff like us Previewers, your aim would be to watch every … Continue reading 10 Must Watch Movies of 2018