Raid: The other side of Special 26

After giving a blockbuster 200 crore movie last year, Ajay Devgan’s first movie set to release this year is “Raid” which will make its way to cinemas on 16th March 2018. The trailer that was released on 5th Feb has already been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube. As the name suggest, the story is about an incorruptible IT officer Amay Patnaik (Ajay Devgan), … Continue reading Raid: The other side of Special 26

Padman: Another mind changer

Many people in India feel shy even to take the name of PAD, as they feel its something not to talk in public.The way medical stores are giving sanitary pads to the customer (bundled in newspaper) is due to our thinking which have been developed throughout this years.As if they’re giving some illegal stuff. This was yet another mind changer by Akshay Kumar after its … Continue reading Padman: Another mind changer

The Best of January: Have you watched them?

Didn’t get the time to snuggle up and watch that hot new movie in town? Or had you never even heard of it until your friends brought it up at lunch? Or maybe you’re just like us, wanting to watch the best over and over again. We bring to you the top-rated movies of the month of January, so that you can catch up with … Continue reading The Best of January: Have you watched them?

Padmaavat: The Rising Fame of the Past

The most expensive Hindi film ever (yes, at 215 crores) has been a part of daily discussion since long before its release (read here). If you haven’t watched it already, go now! It obviously made it to our must watch of January. While we believe in keeping our hands out of politics and such, we do have our opinions on the movie based on the epic poem … Continue reading Padmaavat: The Rising Fame of the Past

10 Must Watch Movies of 2018

The new year is always full of endless possibilities. Plans. Dreams. Goals. Resolutions. After the celebrations, most of us follow the typical route: 1. Set your goals 2. Follow it for a week 3. Swear to get back to it But some goals are easier to follow than others and if you’re a movie buff like us Previewers, your aim would be to watch every … Continue reading 10 Must Watch Movies of 2018