Baaghi 2 | Weekend Watch | Preview |

Get yourselves ready for this weekend by watching the steamy action packed Baaghi 2.
It is set to release in theaters on this Friday, 30th March. Watch the trailer here.


A sequel to the 2016 movie Baaghi, Baaghi 2 has similar expectations. That is to say, it will probably be a commercial hit because of all the boom boom offered by star kid Tiger Shroff (see below), but the plot will be that of a typical boring action film.


The plot follows the story of an army officer who is searching for his ex-lover’s child who has been mysteriously kidnapped. Wow, what an amazing guy, right?
Well, whether this movie does well or not, the series will have another chance in the already announced Baaghi 3.


But whether this movie lives up to the mediocre expectation of the public or not, one reason to watch the movie is definitely Tiger’s naked ripped body and the new favourite Disha Patani.


If you’re like me, Tiger and Disha might not be enough. What if you have ek, do, aur teen reasons to watch it? (In case you aren’t aware, the third reason is the mixed reviews item number by Jacqueline Fernandez).

Which movie are you watching this weekend? Tell us in the comments below!

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