Superhero Movies of 2018

One of the biggest fandom belongs, undoubtedly, to superheroes. From Marvel’s Deadpool, to DC’s Superman, all have a fan following unrestrained by age.

A 7 year old’s idol may be Tom Holland, as Spiderman. At the same time, a 70 year old’s hero may be Superman from the 1940’s comic book series. Even though the comic book fad may have dissipated over the years but the love for Superheroes has never diminished.

Not surprisingly, the buss around the upcoming movies has been overwhelming.


  1. Black Panther (16th February)

    Take a trip to Wakanda, learn their history and follow as the drama unfolds in the lives of the Wakandans. Watch the thrilling action filled fantasy film where T’challa comes back to take his place as the rightful heir to the Wakandan throne, proves his mettle against an enemy as a king and as the Black Panther. Image resultTrailer: Black Panther

  2. Avengers : Infinity War (4th May)

    Thanos is now back in the picture, as all teams, join bands to fight back and by all means thwart Thanos’ plan to acquire each one of the infinity stones. The Avengers face their biggest battle that will decide the planet’s fate, maybe even with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they are proudly called. Related imageTrailer: Avengers : Infinity War

  3. Deadpool 2 (18th May)

    Give a welcome back to the crowd favourite, comical superhero, Deadpool. Full of wit, sarcasm, and dark humor, the mercenary embarks on another adventure which may involve ninjas, the Yakuza and a pack of aggressive canines.Image result for Deadpool 2 Trailer: Deadpool 2

  4. The Incredibles 2 (2nd june)

    Even superhero couples have to deal with family drama. Watch as, with the tables turning, Elastagirl springs back into action and Mr. Incredible has to deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking care of his 3 children. A much loved movie makes its comeback after 14 yearsRelated imageTrailer: The Incredibles 2

  5. Ant-Man and the Wasp (6th July)

    Follow Ant-Man as he is joined by the Wasp on a adventure filled mission of uncovering secrets from the past as Scott struggles to bring back balance in his life in the aftermath of “the Civil War”.Image result for ant-Man and the Wasp trailerTrailer: Ant-Man and the Wasp

  6. Venom (5th October)

    With a Marvel villain as the protagonist, Tom Hardy joins the superhero universe once again, as Venom. Though still uncertain about whether or not the movie will link up to Tom Holland’s Spiderman, it has got the fandom in an uproar with theories flying left,  right and center.Image resultTrailer: Venom

  7. X-Men : Dark Phoenix (2nd November)

    Follow the journey of Jean Grey as she fights with a powerful force taking over her mind and learns to deal with her transformation into a confident “Phoenix” after a failed mission in space. The 12th installment of the X-Men seems to be a movie with plot twists, action and adventure, all packed into one.Image result for x-men dark phoenix official poster
    Trailer: X-Men : Dark Phoenix

  8. Spider Man : Into the Spiderverse (14th December)

    This animated movie introduces Miles Morales and the infinite possibilities of the Spiderverse. a world where more than one can wear the mask of Spider Man.Related imageTrailer: Spider Man : Into the Spiderverse

  9. AquaMan (21st December)

    After years of the surface dwellers ravaging the seas, the Atlanteans are ready to revolt, and Arthur Currey, a.k.a. AquaMan, the reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, is stuck in the middle.Image result for aquaman official posterTrailer: AquaMan

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