Padman: Another mind changer

Many people in India feel shy even to take the name of PAD, as they feel its something not to talk in public.The way medical stores are giving sanitary pads to the customer (bundled in newspaper) is due to our thinking which have been developed throughout this years.As if they’re giving some illegal stuff.

This was yet another mind changer by Akshay Kumar after its successful movie Toilet-Ek prem katha. This one was a step closer towards woman’s health and after watching it felt as if it was the need of the hour.

padman 3


The movie depicts the scenario of a village where people are not aware or rather we should say are ignorant about the health of woman. Lakshmikant  (lakshmi) as he is called in the village is a common man who does hard work and feeds his family.Lakshmi’s marriage life goes smoothly until he comes to know about periods(chums) and woman going through that needs to sleep outside the house and were considered as untouchable.

The fact that ignite the fire inside lakshmi’s heart was that, when he saw his wife Gayatri and other female members of the family were using dirty cloth during those days.He found that unhygienic and wanted to came up with a solution.

When he actually came up with a sanitary pad which was considered as hygienic and the best solution during periods, the villagers thought that he is mad and unnecessarily falling into dirty things. Lakshmi would not let his self respect down and left the village.

padman-759The fire inside him was still on and he didn’t gave-up. With the help of a small loan  he was able to made a machine that could make sanitary pad for only Rs.2.His 1st customer was Pari and eventually the only person who helped him achieve his dream.Along with the help of Pari, Lakshmi was able to make the woman in that particular village buy the product and would eventually teach them how to manufacture.

In the middle of all this, Lakshmi won the President’s award for the best innovation of the year and got his patent rights booked for his machine.He went from village to village,installed the machinery , train the females and then next village.

In this way he not only created employment for woman but also he made sure every woman uses it.




Such movies help to change the perspective of the society towards a particular issue and the way we deal with it. A must watch……..

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