Padmaavat: The Rising Fame of the Past


The most expensive Hindi film ever (yes, at 215 crores) has been a part of daily discussion since long before its release (read here). If you haven’t watched it already, go now! It obviously made it to our must watch of January. While we believe in keeping our hands out of politics and such, we do have our opinions on the movie based on the epic poem of the same name (which is a work of fiction, just saying).


Padmaavat has been in controversy from the very first day and is said to contain a lot of historical inaccuracies. But the point that Bhansali never meant to depict things as they actually went down but just literally use the poem as the inspiration seems fair.
The movie is based on the King of Chittor and Queen Padmaavati, considered one of the most beautiful queens of India (debatable inaccuracy). The Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji had an infatuation towards Queen Padmaavati (debatable, again). The movie depicts the cruel tactics of Khilji to have the queen.
As per ancient Rajput tradition, (obvious spoiler alert) all the ladies of Chittor including queen Padmaavati commit jauhar (self-immolation) rather than be captured.


The movie brilliantly showcases the bravery and valor of kings and warriors and Ranveer Singh’s commendable portrayal of Khilji. But the mixed reviews by critics holds some support. The stereotypical portrayal of Khilji as evil and Ratan Singh as good, along with the historical myths shown in the movie are worth looking into (read about it here and here).

If you were Bhansali, what would you handle differently? Would you have changed the story? Would you have cast someone else? Tell us in the comments below!

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