10 Must Watch Movies of 2018

The new year is always full of endless possibilities. Plans. Dreams. Goals. Resolutions.

After the celebrations, most of us follow the typical route:
1. Set your goals
2. Follow it for a week
3. Swear to get back to it

But some goals are easier to follow than others and if you’re a movie buff like us Previewers, your aim would be to watch every movie set for release in 2018.
But let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to manage that while juggling our jobs and life.


1. You Were Never Really Here (6th April)


If the unfinished film won Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival and Joaquin Phoenix’s growth right from the iconic Gladiator to now (winning Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival) is anything to go by, this movie is not to be missed.
This thriller tells the tale of a veteran (Phoenix), who tracks down missing girls for a living, when one job spins out of control. Watch the trailer here.

 2. Black Panther (16th Feb)


Do we really need to justify this one? Marvel has gone all out with Black Panther; the movie premiered on 29th January and it has garnered the highest pre-sales tickets for any superhero movie ever (at this point in the sales cycle). Make sure you’ve watched this badass final trailer while waiting for the release.

3. Annihilation (23rd Feb)


It is a science fantasy action horror film, according to this Wikipedia description. Talk about a mix, right? That’s what you get when you combine Natalie Portman, an environmental disaster, and a bunch of missing soldiers.

4. Avengers: Infinity War (4th May)


The Avengers combined with Guardians of the Galaxy. Just look at the damn cast, I dare you.

5. Deadpool 2 (1st June)


You gotta admit it, the minute the first movie ended you wanted a sequel. And that’s exactly what we’re getting (and probably more with the third movie). Have you watched the wet on wet trailer yet? (we didn’t name this one). Or the one where he’s mocking a certain red cape wearing superhero (cough cough).

6. The Incredibles 2 (15th June)


The endless possibilities of this movie are driving us  crazy. Jack Jack has powers, but what next? I’m sure we’re gonna see more adults than kids at the theatre for this one.
Watch the debate for which character is the strongest here.

7. Ocean’s Eight (8th June)


I think they just bored of counting forward in the Ocean’s Trilogy, but this all female spinoff heist comedy (with an insane cast in this hot trailer) is something we Previewers are waiting for.

8. Solo: A Star Wars Story (25th May)


After the spinoff Rogue One’s success, we brace ourselves the adventures of a young Han Solo and Chewbecca set prior to the original Star Wars film. If you’re a fan, you know more about this than we do.

9. Ready Player One (30th March)


This novel turned film is said to be a challenging task even for Spielberg. By the plot, I get a very Tron mixed with Zathura feeling. Hopefully, it is a cool as its trailer.

10. Isle of Dogs (30th March)


We love stop motion animation and we love dogs. With a pinch of futuristic Japanese drama, we’re all set to go to this island of cute doggos. To get a bit emotional have a laugh, watch the trailer.

With the number of movies being created and released, it was too difficult to pick 10. What’s on your must watch list? Tell us in the comments below!



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